• Diminish

    Chris Blanchard

    Cofounded Forsaken eSports in October 2014. Has playing Counter Strike series since 15. Started playing at a home town LAN in Southern California (LanWERX). Took a break from CS:Source, but now he is back in game! Started playing CS GO in May of 2014....Read More

  • lastserenade

    Austin Minton

    Founded Forsaken eSports in October 2014. Has been playing Counter-Strike since the age of 13, in the 1.3 era, Austin has played at the top level in Counter-Strike source and has competed in numerous Counter-Strike LAN events. Has Bachelors Business Administration, and is dedicated to bringing a new top level organization to North America...Read More

  • Franchize

    Corey Brown

    Joined Forsaken eSports early 2015. I have been apart of the CS Community since 2005 and have had a great journey along the way. became apart of forsaken because even though i lost that spark to continue to be a Competitive CSGO Player i would still like to be behind the scenes and enjoy some laughs and help through the anguish of others along the way....Read More

  • Spunky

    Cortinne Brown

    ...Read More